Kratom For Pain And Other Conditions: Does It Work For Canadians?

Kratom is an indigenous plant from South Asia, popular for treating different ailments like anxiety, diabetes, and many others. Whether treating opioid addiction or helping you get a positive mood for your day, kratom has been helpful to different people all over the world. Moreover, this herb is an excellent solution for many people, even where conventional medicine may fail.

Kratom Association: FDA Review of Herbal Supplement ‘Junk Science’ – Rolling Stone, but that’s not all they said.

While there is limited scientific research to support kratoms beneficial claims, many users can trace their recovery to this herb. However, the FDA warns against the use of this herb for medical purposes due to its tendency to cause addiction. Nevertheless, Canadian kratom users recommend this herb for treating Salmonella (typhoid).


Salmonella is a condition that results in the exhibition of symptoms like abdominal cramps, fever, and diarrhea to the patient within 12-72 hours after infection. Although the condition lasts for about 4 to 7 days and can heal naturally without treatment, your health is not something you can gamble. Taking care of this condition is fundamental. Medical practitioners have found out the possible properties that can fight this condition well.

The dangers and potential of ‘natural’ opioid kratom are actually overstated.

The herb has chemical properties that reduce diarrhea fast. Since the herb is directly ingestible, it solves the condition entirely from the gut. Mostly, diarrhea occurs due to food poisoning that results from greasy foods. The herb contains chemical substances like antibodies that help to reduce diarrhea and restore the water lost as a result of diarrhea. On the same note, if the condition does not get quick medical attention, death may result. That depicts the adversity related to the condition.

Another medical condition that the herb can help to fight is stress. Stress may occur due to the post-traumatic event. Normally, the condition lasts for three days up to one month. The herb ingrains a brain calming effect by binding to the brain receptors to relax brain activities. Currently, the society faces increased stress conditions.  A large portion of the populace lives in a world filled with daily life issues that are irresistible to them. Most of these patients find it hard to carry out their daily activities.

Scientists who have studied Kratom confirm that the plant contains healing power. However, disagreements center among the critics raising a big debate worldwide.  Although the plant seems to be unclear among several individuals, its uses are undoubtedly overwhelming for those who have a good knowledge of the plant. Numerous personalities find the herb to be a better option when it comes to treating conditions that are treatable using it. That is because the treatment involving this plant has no or few side effects compared to other treatments.

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Are you experiencing high or low blood pressure (BP)? Worry not because different strains of Kratom work wonders for this ailment. The herb has been proven to level high blood pressure as far as from an extremely high rate to manageable levels. With the herb, you don’t need to keep rushing to a doctor now and then except for regular lipid panel lab. You can manage the condition on your own by just observing a well-balanced diet, exercise, and use of Kratom on a regular basis. That would surprisingly improve your blood pressure condition and enable you to work better and feel good about your health.

Another existing condition that is treatable by the use of Kratom strains is anxiety. One of the most useful strains of this herb that is ideal for dealing with the condition is Borneo. Despite the sedative effect of Borneo, many patients who get anxiety treatment using this strain experience the best results. However, the sedative nature of this strain can turn out to be either bad or good depending on your expectation. But on the same breath, Borneo strains come with a low possibility of side effects. That makes it a more flexible treatment option for those nursing anxiety. Other strains that can comfortably treat anxiety are:

  • Borneo
  • Indo
  • Red Veins
  • Bali
  • Indo

Another major epidemic that afflicts people from all walks of life is diabetes. This health condition results from imbalanced insulin in the body system.  Kratom and this condition have a long history in the regions where the herb grows naturally like Southeast Asia. The herb has over many years demonstrated chemical components that restore insulin to its optimum. Sadly, due to the legal challenges facing the herb, no company has ever attempted to make a blockbuster that can effectively cure diabetes. That reveals the challenges that face the pharmaceutical drug industry making it hard to explore the high possibility that the herb displays in the treatment of diabetes.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) | NCCIH is a great remedy for many conditions.

One outstanding use of kratom when it comes to health and lifestyle is weight loss. Anyone who needs to lose a pound should try Kratom. The process is quite simple. Taking the herb provides you with the required energy. The herb provides you with the energy that sugar can supply. With that, you can avoid junks and other foods that make you add weight since you already have the energy needed to carry out your day to day chores. You can eventually burn fat by exercising because you feel more energized. It also adds to your health by preventing the pre-diabetic condition.

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How the herb works to curb diabetes is the question that many people don’t understand. A large portion of the public is only aware of the pain relieving properties of kratom. Even though there is no clear explanation of how the herb works in treating this condition, there are vivid indications that the condition is treatable by using the herb.

Similar to the opioids killing pain, kratom really does work for this.

One of the capabilities of this plant is that it reduces pain and stress. Stress and pain are the most catalysts of high blood pressure and can drive your BP to very risky levels. The herb also reduces some food cravings that contribute hugely to blood pressure. That helps in keeping your blood sugar level at an optimum level of about 70-120. That says that the insulin produced by the pancreas is just enough to bind to glucose which is blood sugar to carry out metabolic processes in an optimized way.